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diamond and jewelry education

Metal education

Metal Education

Kasting Studio presents a high quality precious metals, that have been used for crafting premium rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings. To get more informed about variety metals we produce, follow Metal Education and select the one that is special for you.

Diamond education

Diamond education

When choosing a diamond, it is important to get full understanding of its key characteristics. Our diamond education section will help you to understand 4cs, settings and other important features of diamond.

Jewelry education

Jewelry education

Selecting a quality jewelry is not an easy task if you have an understanding of the main terms and sizes of jewelry. Thus with our Jewelry Education section you will find this process interesting and make a right choice.

Jewelry education

Setting guide

With our experts’ high experience Kasting Studio introduces variety of beautiful jewelry pieces by using enhanced setting techniques. Explore our Setting Guides to select a specific setting style that you like most.

Engagement ring education

Engagement ring guide

Choosing an engagement ring seems a difficult and complicated process, but with our help it will become an easy, funny and pleasing procedure.

Wedding ring education

Wedding ring guide

When it comes to a wedding ring, everything becomes difficult and challenging, however with our help you will easily pass this phase with joy and pleasure.


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