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Lifetime Warranty

Kasting Studio puts an incredible attention on the product quality and ensure that all items will be without any manufacturing defects through the product lifetime. If you insist that the item you bought from Kasting Studio has a manufacturing defects, our experts will repair the merchandise or will replace them. In case if that item is no longer available, Kasting Studio, with your consent, will replace it with a similar product or if you wish will refund equal the selling price of the original item.

However, if our experts find out that the damage is not caused by manufacturing defects, then you will be notified if there are repairing services available at cost.

It is IMPORTANT to notify that each item can have slight indiscretions, variations in craftsmanship or natural characteristics and internal inclusions, visible or otherwise that are unique for each product. These are considered as part of characteristics of these products and are not defects.

Here are the common jewelry issues that would NOT be considered manufacturing defects:

  • Change of color due to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools or bathing.
  • Prongs and precious metals are very durable and taking into account the long period of usage, they may require restoration work as a normal wear.
  • Prongs that are worn out or curved which leads to a stone falling or a lost during a normal wear.
  • When the stone is lost due to breaking caused by a normal wear or other damage.

Care and Maintenance

In order to ensure the beauty and durability of a jewelry, it is essential to keep all the rules of professional maintenance. Kasting Studio offers complimentary cleaning services twice a year for all its customers who wear its product. This service includes deep cleaning, rhodium plating (for white metals), tightening of all prongs to protect diamonds and gemstones. For more information on what other services are available, please contact Kasting Studio representative.


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