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Diamond engagement rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Start with the diamond

Finding an engagement ring is a complicated process for every couple. However, with our diamond specialists’ professional support you will overcome this hard stage.

Choose your ring style


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Design your dream ring

To start the order process of your custom ring design, you should contact to our Diamond Representative, who will work with you during the whole process and discuss the ideas you have about the design in order to turn them into reality.

Submit drawings, sketches and/or pictures

First of all you should send your inspired drawings, sketches to explain what kind of ring design you prefer. Upon your choice we will provide you with a precise quotation of your ring. This includes the stone material, stone weight, size, price of the ring and other specific details. When getting your approval, a non-refundable 50 % deposit is required to start the process.

Receive our 3D renderings for approval

3D rendering
Upon receiving the deposit, our designers will work on a Computer Aided Design(CAD) model of your order. Thus you will have an opportunity to review your ordered ring in 3D form and make some changes if there is a need. Your approval will lead our designers, goldsmiths, craftsmen and diamond setters to finalize the exceptional ring you have ordered. Afterward, our specialists will create a wax model based on the 3D form of the ring. The wax model will be printed in a state-of-art 3D printer showing what the final piece will look like. And finally, our goldsmiths will cast the wax 3D model into a precious metal(based on your order).

Ring is cast, polished, and completed

Completed ring
Since Customer satisfaction is number one priority for Kasting Studio, it ensures the highest quality. Thus ,all the custom ring designs meet Kasting Studio quality standards. Hence, while finalizing the custom ring, it passes microscopic inspection and, afterward, it is photographed and appraised.

How to Choose Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring seems a difficult and complicated process, but with our help it will become an easy, funny and pleasing procedure.


I was not sure whether to order a ring online. But after researching Kasting Studio reputation I decided to take a risk. What was really amazing that I saved hundreds by ordering from Kastingstudio.com and the quality was excellent.
It takes me long time to decide to order an engagement ring online. It was the best experience I had ever had. The process became too easy with the help of designers, experts support and guidance who led me to make an excellent choice. My fiancee just loves it.
I decided to make a surprise to my girlfriend and ordered an adorable diamond collection. That was the best idea, because when she noticed the gift packaging inside the main package her eyes started to sparkle. She felt too happy for my taste both for package style and of course the gift itself:)


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