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If you dream about engagement, wedding or just an extraordinary ring or other jewelry with sparkling diamonds, Kasting Studio is right for you.

Kasting Studio is one of the largest Design studio of Diamond jewelry in the USA. It provides wide range of options of classic and modern styles of jewelry to the customers who are looking for a high quality in an incredible beauty with unbelievable low prices. The aim of Kasting Studio is bring more extensive opportunities for its customers. Thus, it gives exceptional service to meet their taste and hope for quality and style.

Moreover, it has the exclusive right to purchase specific parcel of mined rough diamonds from Canada and Russia. Some of those mines produce one of the whitest and the most sparkling diamonds in the world. Kasting Studio also gets an advantage by providing its own customers with in House-Diamond cutting to insure the most beautiful ideal cut quality diamond they can purchase. Every handcrafted jewelry creation that leaves Kasting Studio, we are proud to say is one of the high quality jewelries made in USA. 


It is more than three decades that Kasting studio has been founded as a center of an exceptional and unique collection of loose diamonds, engagement, wedding rings and fine jewelry. Being one of the leading centers in this market Kasting Studio has known as an experienced and professional retailer of loose diamond and diamond jewelry

The story of Kasting studio began in St. Petersburg, Russia, where S. Torosian, the founder of Kasting Studio, created his first pieces of jewelry, full of love and purity. This very first collection was a reflection of Russian old traditions and history. While getting high education in Arts in Italy, S. Torosian developed quite a new and modern style of design, motivated by European culture. These different and amazing mixed styles reach their perfection when moving to United States, S. Torosian enlarged the collection and founded Kasting Studio as an expression of his love and commitment to arts. That was the turning point in diamond jewelry industry, when he, feeling the freedom of imagination turned his passion and love to art into pieces of amazing jewelry.

And, the first customers of Kasting Studio have been Hollywood stars, who prefer to wear this incredible diamond jewelries during their award ceremonies. However, the increase of demand of his marvelous collection brought S. Torosian to the idea of offering his special collection to not only popular stars, but to everyone and, thus, allow people to imagine, create and get their dream jewelry.


Kasting studio offers one of the largest collections of different styles of diamond rings and fine jewelry in the United States. Moreover, here customers can find Custom Diamond Ring contemporary service, which gives them an opportunity to receive computer aided 3D version of their chosen ring. Afterward, getting the customers' approval, Kasting Studio specialists handcraft it into an exceptional jewelry. Consequently, the customers get a chance to use their imagination and create a diamond ring they desire.

Kasting studio presents an amazing collections of jewelry in the Internet. It gives more convenient way for customers to choose their dream jewelry via shopping online and without visiting the store. In addition, to make the shopping process more enjoyable and interesting, Kasting studio designers are always ready to assist and guide the customers in their choice.

Being one of the leading handcrafted fine jewelry studio/store, Kasting studio provides customer-oriented services and ensures high satisfaction of customers both for the process and the choice they made when preferring Kasting studio in buying an extraordinary jewelry they desire.

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I was not sure whether to order a ring online. But after researching Kasting Studio reputation I decided to take a risk. What was really amazing that I saved hundreds by ordering from Kastingstudio.com and the quality was excellent.
It takes me long time to decide to order an engagement ring online. It was the best experience I had ever had. The process became too easy with the help of designers, experts support and guidance who led me to make an excellent choice. My fiancee just loves it.
I decided to make a surprise to my girlfriend and ordered an adorable diamond collection. That was the best idea, because when she noticed the gift packaging inside the main package her eyes started to sparkle. She felt too happy for my taste both for package style and of course the gift itself:)


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